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The Upper Antelope Slot Canyon

September 7, 2014

Wow! Thank you guys for your comments and critiques on my 3 shot HDR "Narrows - in Zion Canyon N. P." potd yesterday. Thanks for making it #1 at 9:15 pm CST.. What an honor, and I'm humbledly grateful to you all.. Thank you. Smugmuggers ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

This shot is another of the many highlights from our trip (many more vacation shots to come in the POTD). This is a one shot of our visit to the Upper Antelope Canyon on Navajo lands near Page, AZ.

What an incredible place it was!! The formations of the sandstone inside the slot canyon that have been carved by eons of water are just amazing.

The colors are incredible, and what little sunlight comes into the canyon through the narrow opening at the top creates wonderful light and shadows in the canyon. We had an early morning tour that would have given me a better change at the light beams, but it got rained out that day. We were lucky to get a late afternoon tour the next afternoon, and I have to say that we loved it - and we'll be going back next year.

It was a dusty ride to the canyon, and lots of sand rained down on our heads while we were in the slot canyon. When I took my camera to have the sensor cleaned after the trip - the asked, "were you in the desert?| LOL

Many parts of the canyon are so narrow that two people can not walk together side-by-side. And for those of you planning to go in the future, beware that it is very, very dusty inside, not the greatest environment for your camera gear. Nevertheless, we are planning to go back for another visit to the Lower Canyon as well.

You could just feel the pride and the history of the Navajo guides in showing us this wonderful canyon. They were excellent tour guides, and shared a lot of history with the group.

You will see some more of my photos from Antelope Canyon in the Daily Community over the next several weeks as I share more and more of the vacation scenes. Thanks for your comments and critiques.

"For us Indians, I don't think English can ever exude that magic of emotions which our mother tongue can." ~ Kailash Kher

Have a blessed day today my friends!


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