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Salt Man!

January 4, 2013

Thanks for your comments on my liquify photo of the boys yesterday. It was a mixed bag of responses, some liked, some thought it distracting. I appreciate all of the comments, it was a fun experiment for me, and I learned from your thoughts. Thanks my friends.

Still mining older photos - this is a shot of the start line "Time Keeper" at the Bonneville Salt Flats time trials taken in September. This man checks all aspects of the cars &/or motorcycles before he will let them start off on their journey down the 5 miles of salt flats. He's resting right now before the next competitor comes to the line. This is SOOC.

I found it interesting that he's all in white garb - it makes sense, the temps on the salt are high and almost insufferable & the sun's reflection off the salt can cook you in minutes.

Note - that's not white sand he's sitting on, it's pure salt.


Thanks for your kindness, friendship & support - soon, I'll be off line again for awhile. I'll try to check in as I can while I'm on the road for the next 4 weeks straight & comment, but I'll not be able to post often.

Have a great day my friends!


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