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October 2, 2012

"Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery." ~ Victor Hugo

Indeed, we should continue to be curious every day, in every way that is helpful and educational. This is a photo of a young girl from France that was at West Thumb (Yellowstone National Park) when we were there. She was so curious about the water that was flowing from one of the hot pools to another that she laid down on one of the wooden walk ways. She looked at the stream for a long time, then she held her had over the water, palm down. in an attempt to test the temperature of it. Judging it "not too hot", she reached over into the stream of water & tentatively stuck her finger in it.

I took this shot just as she pulled her finger 'right back out' very quickly because the stream of water was very hot to the touch.

I loved her curiosity, and her constant chatter with her mother as we walked through the area. Her mother was carrying a very nice Canon camera and oftentimes laid down on the walkways herself to take photos - but she never put her finger in the water as her daughter did.

Great fun. This isn't the best shot I've ever taken, but I enjoyed the "story behind the photo" very much and wanted to share it with my Smug friends.

I have so much enjoyed sharing my Yellowstone area photos with you, but even more - I'm loving Art Hill's shots too! It's really cool to see what others see through their eyes, and compare it to what you yourself have seen. Art is such a wonderful photographer, and I wish we could have been there at the same time so that we could have met up. Ahh, so next time Art.

Have a wonderful day of discovery today my friends!


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