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September 21, 2012

"Traffic jam or is it a "Buff" parade?" ~ Me

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On another of our marvelous drives around Jackson, Wyoming - we were headed to Yellowstone National Park and were stopped by this large herd of buffalo that were Jumping the fence in the pasture and headed across the highway. They did literally cause a traffic jam of many cars that had stopped to let them get across. This is SOOC.

Notice the baby in the far right side of the herd near the fence. There were lots of young ones in the group.

Fun to see. Our vacation to Salt Lake, and drive to Jackson, WY - through Teton National Park & Yellowstone was so fun and beautiful. The only thing that I regretted is that there were fires near, and so the air had a lot of smoke haze and I didn't get any great & clear photos of the Tetons.

Have a Buff - sort of day today my friends, stop and smell the roses!


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