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May 4, 2012

"So, I gotta go to Tibet, because I'm the Chosen One. Why can't anybody choose me to go to the Bahamas?" ~ Chandler Jarrell, from "The Golden Child"

As mentioned in early potd's - Bill and I always try to see the place we are visiting through the local's eyes. We don't necessarily want to see the "tourist" areas, but want to experience the way the natives live, meet them, talk with them and enjoy the places that they eat. So, on the day that our wonderful new friend Van Rolle, a native of the Bahamas, took us out - we had lunch here at Da Fish Fry.

Fish Fry is the local's name for a group of restaurants on the Caribbean that are lined up and serve the local cuisine. This place had just opened, and we had a FANTASTIC lunch of Conch Salad and grilled Grouper. It was the BEST.

And..........we leisurely spent our time there talking to the owner, the local's that visited, watched one of the restaurant workers slice up the Conch and all the ingrediants that go into the delicious Conch salad that they serve there.

This photo is best viewed in larger sizes to see the detail and a couple of the men that we enjoyed visiting with while there.

Have a blissful day today my friends!


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