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April 6, 2012

"A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." ~ George Edward Moore

A true statement indeed. I have lived my entire adult life in Texas - so it is home.

But I spent my childhood in Oklahoma.

Although I have been away from Oklahoma for many, many decades it still feels a little bit like home when I return for occasional visits. Recently, we were traveling to Oklahoma for my little sister's 50th surprise birthday party (oh gee - how much does that age me?). It was a rainy day, and we were taking our time and exploring many small back roads to see what we'd never seen before. As we were traveling along a railroad from northern Texas, across the Red River and into south central Oklahoma - we saw a train traveling beside us.

See tomorrow's potd of the approaching train.

We raced ahead of the train, and stopped at a small and very rural town in Oklahoma located just a mile north of the Red River and the border with Texas. This little town (Terral, Oklahoma) had a RR crossing near the highway that provided easy access for us to get close to the train for a series of photos.

As the train came by, I was shooting the cars and attempting to show the speed at which the train was traveling. I upped the ISO on this shot so that the darkness didn't impede the light of the shot. All the while, the train cars "ripped" past me at high speed.

I was thrilled with this shot. I love the way the train's speed is evident here, but I was really pleased that I was also able to catch a great "stationary" shot of the crossing sign, the road and building just past the speeding train - and what one could see between the gaps in the train cars as they flew by me.

Needless to say, our family of train nuts really liked this shot a great deal. Particularly the 5 year old grandson, Case - he dreams of being a Train Engineer when he grows up. :-))

Check this out in the larger sizes.

P.S. - today I once again traveled to Oklahoma and the land and towns of my childhood to attend the funeral of my beloved cousin Billy Max Stephens. Thank you to everyone that have sent your prayers and hugs. I really appreciate them. Today was a difficult day, but I know he is in the arms of our Lord and this land was his life and it is a good land, made some better by his having walked over it.

I wish you all a wonderful day where all your dreams come true!


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