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High Key Road Construction

September 7, 2016

For those of you that are frequent participants in the daily photo challenge on SmugMug, you know about my long daily commute to and from the office. I sometimes like to entertain myself by pulling out my little point and shoot camera and randomly clicking off shots. I never look at the display because I'm driving, so I never really know what I've captured until I download to the computer - sometimes months later.

I've no idea how this shot turned out to look this way. But here you go.

When I downloaded and saw it on the computer, I was scratching my head and asking myself, "how did this happen?" It's not been PP'd - just a slight crop. Go figure, right?

I thought the outcome was rather cool. So I wanted to share with you my friends.

There's a lot of road construction around this area, you can see part of a crane to the mid-left of the shot. I'm shooting from under an overpass, looking toward one of the roads across the Trinity River, and beyond that is another older road/bridge that also crosses the river. If you look closely, you can see an SUV crossing from right to left on the bridge in the forefront.

Although it looks as if there's a shark fin in the river, I'm pretty sure there's not any sharks in the Trinity. LOL

Thank you for your comments and critiques!

Have a bright day!


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