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Wind Power!

September 13, 2011

Along our drive on the small highways through Texas and New Mexico, we saw many of these large windmills. I posted a photo last week of the "old" type of windmill, so I thought it would be a nice contrast to post a "new" windmill. We saw hundreds, maybe a thousand, of these along our jouney. At this spot, we found a small road that had no gate and no "No Tresspassing" signs. So, we drove up to these monsters to check them out a little more closely. I sat at the base of one of them just to watch and listen. I took lots of photos that when you play them back in sequence you can see the movement, which I was fascinated it. They are amazing machines. Bill was checking out all the mechanics of it, I was just enjoying the beauty and 'largeness' of it.

The huge blades make a very audible Woosh, Woosh, Woosh sound as they swing past the the lower part of the circle they make. Bill and I both were just fascinated while watching them up close and it was a great side trip for us to spend some time exploring them. I have lots of shots, you may see some more in the coming weeks.

This is a pretty interesting photo in X2.

Thanks for the kind comments on the metal Texas Longhorn shot yesterday.

Classes at the University of Austin are going well, but it's long days and nights of study, so I apologize if me comments are a little sparse some evenings.

Hope you enjoy this shot and have a great day!



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