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Captain William Smith's House

December 19, 2016

The Captain William Smith House is another "witness house" (meaning that the occupants "witnessed" some of the early battles of the American Revolution). It is located along the Battle Road Trail in Minute Man National Historical Park, near Lincoln, MA.

This Colonial house was built in 1692 (can you believe it is still standing?).. The captain of the Lincoln Minute Men (Captain Smith), his wife, four children, and a slave lived here in 1775. Captain William Smith was the brother of Abigail Smith Adams, the wife of the United States’ second president John Adams.

The prominent house, with its rare cove cornice, stood and was witness to the epic events that took place there on April 19, 1775, the same day the Minute Men and militias first fired shots and killed British soldiers - thus triggering the Revolutionary War. The house rests along North Great Road in Lincoln, the same path the British took as they retreated from the North Bridge area of the Minute Man National Historic Park during the first hours of the historic war. Alarm riders notified Capt. William Smith of the Lincoln Minute Men that the Regulars were on the march. Smith fought at the bridge in Concord at the head of his men on April 19.

This photo was taken as we passed Captain Smith's house in a tour bus. I wished that we had had the time to stop and explore. Nevertheless, it was great to see this old home still standing proudly in the field.

"The American Revolution was a beginning, not a consummation."
~ Woodrow Wilson

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Have a historic day today my friends!


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