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Orange and Tourquoise

September 22, 2015

This is a shot of the Glacier Bay National Park boat that brought the NP Ranger to our ship to stay with us for as long as we were in Glacier Bay. The shot was taken early one afternoon from our balcony. The Princess Pacific was just getting ready to anchor down in the bay. I loved the colors here. You can tell by the clothing of the men in the boat how cold it was that day.

From "In 1879, John Muir relied on Tlingit guides when he first visited Glacier Bay, seeking glaciers, adventure and spiritual enrichment. Muir was the first in a long line of distinguished scientists/naturalists to visit the park, perform research, and bring this remarkable area to the world's attention. Muir was greatly intrigued with the fledgling science of glaciology, and believed that his beloved Yosemite Valley had been carved by ice long ago. He came to Alaska , in part, to witness glaciers in action and substantiate his theory. Largely due to his enthusiastic writings, Glacier Bay became a popular tourist attraction, as well as the focus of scientific inquiries, during the late 1880's and 90's."

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