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January 2, 2013

Thanks for all of your comments on the Grandson's at Grandpa's work bench photo yesterday, and all the New Year's greetings and wishes. You guys rock.

While I was off I was going back through some photos from 2012 and doing some processing on them. I ran across this one, and thought you all might enjoy the SC version of this old building. The photo was taken on a dark, cloudy and wet day, so there wasn't much color in the original photo. Here's the original :!i=2299547814&k=LxTV3C4

As you can see the brick is a lovely yellow/golden color. I'm not sure when this building was built, but I can recall in the late 1950s and all through the 1960s and 1970s when I was a young girl living just across the Red River in Oklahoma from Nocona, this was a source of employement for lots and lots of southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas families. We grew up thinking Nocona boots were just a local thing, and I was surprised when I went to college and later traveled all over the country to learn that Nocona boots were very well known and a respected brand name.

Miss Enid Justin founded the Nocona Boot Company in 1925 to carry on her father's legacy H.J. "Joe" Justin's boot making enterprise that he started in 1906. After Daddy Joe died in 1918, the other family members wanted to move the Justin Boot company to Fort Worth, and by 1925 they did. However, Miss Enid Justin felt that it was her father's legacy that a boot company run by a family member should remain in Nocona, thus she founded this company and built her business there.

In 1981, the Nocona Boot Company merged with Justin Industries, parent company of the Justin Boot Company, bringing the bootmaking histories of this one family's two separate companies full circle.

"I love to wear boots - and shoes, I don't like at all." ~ Reba McEntire

Have a great day!

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