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A Sign of Times Past

October 13, 2011

I've posted several signs that we saw along the roads in New Mexico that reminded me of what the old Route 66 must have looked like in its heyday, and this is another one. This was in Vaughn, New Mexico (or nearby) and was after a pretty heavy rain. You can see that the clouds were still pretty dark, but the sky was beginning to clear to the left of the shot.

I thought this a very interesting sign as the arrow seemed to be pointing away from the building that I "presume" was the old Ranch View Motel that you can see in the background. Perhaps it was pointing at the "Ranch" behind the fence in the background. It would have been a highly visible sign to travelers when it was new and covered in neon. If you look closely at the yellow arrow you can see holes in it from the top to the bottom. When we looked at it more closely, we could tell that they once had light bulbs in them, and I imagined that they came on in sequence to catch your eye.

Also, if you look closely at the building, just below the Cafe sign, you'll see another sign that says "Color TV" - remember when that was a novelty? I'm sure that travelers passing by looking for a motel to stay in decades past could have selected this motel JUST because it had color TV.

Hope you all enjoy the continuing shots from this trip through the great state of New Mexico. Thank you for all your kind comments on my shots the last couple of days - You guys ROCK!!!

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