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Earth, Texas

November 27, 2011

Here's another shot from Earth, Texas. This old movie theater appears not to have been in use for many years. However, I did think it was pretty neat that someone has painted it to look like perhaps it might have looked when it was operating. The townspeople have tried to keep this little ghost town in Texas looking like it did in it's heyday.

Check this out in X2 or 3 to see all the details on the building. There's lots to see like the clock, the people, the gum machine, the ticket taker, the little boys buying tickets, etc.

It's evident in the larger sizes that it was painted quite some time ago. See this close up shot of the ticket window here to see the age of the painted facade:

Hope you enjoy this old theater, and it is another shot of urban decay that's a little sad. But taking the driving trips on the old, small backroads are so great because they yeild gems like this. And it's just neat to see "the way it was" in these towns.

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