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Standin' On The Corner, In Winslow Arizona.....

August 14, 2016

Well, you just cannot go through Winslow, Arizona without stopping at this corner for photo ops. The town has really done a nice job with it too. Bill and I are standing next to the bronze statue of Glen Frey, who actually passed away just shortly after we took this photo.

For those that know the song, you can see the "girl in the flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me" in the building's two large windows to the right and behind us.

In the second story window, there's a trompe l'oeil Eagle on the window sill - which I'm sure is a tribute to the band the Eagles who made this song so famous.

It's hard to see in this angle, but there's also a trompe l'oeil painting in the third window to the right of a dancing couple.

Good job Winslow!

OK, so now is that this song stuck in your head right now - I say "Take it Easy"

Yep, the tune is stuck in my mind too. :-) At least for me - it's a good song, so I'm ok with it being stuck in my head for awhile.

Thank you for your comments and critiques.

"Take it easy" today my friends!


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