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The Amazing Alley

March 17, 2013

"Having alleys that work can be a powerful tool for reinventing front-porch communities." ~ Ed Turanchik

Some alleys are more fun to explore than othes. And this one was definitely fun to check out. So much to see, so many colorful things to look at. The snow was a little slippery, but we made our way down to the end to check out all the neat stuff. This is just off the main street in Virginia City between two of the downtown buildings, and just a short step off the wooden sidewalk of old.

Have a curiosity-filled day today my friends!


Late add: I totally forgot that it was St. Patrick's Day today. Nevertheless: "HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL THOSE IN SMUGMUG LAND." May your day be serene and full of blessings and, may your beer be green if you so choose. :-))

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