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Totem Carver At Work

September 7, 2015
Thanks to everyone for your comments on my Ice Cave photo yesterday. I just wish SmugMug would get their act together and show the photos that have tons of comments.,

So here's my daily photo today: After enjoying our walk through the rain forest, we visited the shop of a master totem carver. I believe his name (if my recollection is accurate) was John. He is credited with all of the many totems on the site, as well as many that you see around Ketickan. He was hard at work on a new totem that will pay tribute to the role the whale has played in the lives of many Alaskans and their history with the whale that the traditional natives depended upon.

"Ships are expendable; the whales are not." ~ Paul Watson

Have a happy and restful Labor Day, and a great week!


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