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May 2, 2012

The Seagulls said, "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine."
Then Nigel said, "Oh would you just shut up? You're rats with wings.” ~ Finding Nemo quote

Mine, mine, mine............. is what this Seagull seems to be screaming to the other Seagull that had just chased him off one of the outside patio tables at one of the lounges at the Atlantis Resort.

This little place was quite and had a wonderful view from the patio of the water park and aquarium and Bill and I had stopped in there late one afternoon for some quite time, relaxation and a cool beverage. Even though the Seagulls, the Pidgeons and the Ring-necked Doves tried to make a nuisance of themselves occasionally, it wasn't enough to make us or the other people leave.

Thank you all for you kind and educational comments on my Atlantis fountain shot yesterday.

Have a 'red-letter' sort of day today where everyone speaks softly and tells you good things!


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