Fliers - Lgood

September 8, 2011

I had to travel all the way to New Mexico to get another dragonfly shot - LOL. But I was pleased with this one. I chased this little guy all around a roadside park near Hobbs, NM trying to get a shot of him and he wasn't being very cooperative, then just as I thought I had the 'best' shot, Bill stepped into my frame. Oh well. Here's the next best shot.
of this dragon. :-)). I did like the flowers that he was buzzing around though.

So, here's the best I could do after 30 minutes chasing this guy.
I've cropped the shot and enhanced with Topaz Adjust filter.
Check it out in the large sizes, I think it's pretty interesting, especially because I'm on dragonfly novice.

I appreciate your support and constructive comments. I learn so much from all of you. This community is full of awesome and talented photographers.

Have a great day my friends,


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