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A Skipper Buddy.....

September 3, 2010

I don't know what this cute little bug is - but it caught my eye today on the weeds near my house. I loved his big, black eyes. I hope you enjoy too. There's no crop or post editing on this one - just got lucky. Check it out in X2 - it's pretty cool.

Have a wonderful evening & a great Labor Day weekend Smug Muggers. We are headed to another car show tomorrow, but this one also includes vintage WWII airplanes - so it should be fun & provide some great photo ops.

Sunday is my daughter's 34th birthday, Gee that makes me feel old! LOL - but she's a wonderful daughter, so Mom is so proud. We will have my daughter (Chenoa - American Indian name that means White Dove of Peace). her husband & two girls, Bill's children and grandchildren mid afternoon on Sunday. We'll have a great time grilling hamburgers to celebrate Chenoa's birthday & Labor Day. When Chenoa was a littl girl, she always thought that the big Labor Day Weekend Celebrations - were all about her & her birthday. That made me smile. Many years later, she figured it out & just shares her birthday with the country. :))!

Between Bill & I we have 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 16 years old to 4 months old. So Sunday's celebration will be loads of fun - count the parents, grandparents, kids & grandkids - we'll have 15 people for dogs & burgers on Sunday!!! I'm looking so very forward to it.

Then on Monday, Bill & I will be taking our cars to another car show in Burleson, TX. So next week - watch for lots of vintage car shots.

Love the Smug Mug community & all your fabulous photos. Have a great holiday weekend!!



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