Fliers - Lgood


August 1, 2011

Whoo hoo - I got one!!! After seeing all of the wonderful dragonfly shots, I finally had about 3 seconds to catch this one in our yard. I just love seeing all the shots that the SmugMugers post of these wonderful creatures, so it was a thrill to get this one. I've only been lucky enough to get one other one (or at least a decent picture of one) about a year or so ago, and according to Papamugger, that one was a Damselfly. I'm going to have to defer to Papa to tell us what this one is, as I have no clue.

Check it out in X2 - it's pretty cool. I love the way it looks like they have 'helmets' on.

Thanks so much to everyone for all that really nice comments on the Chicago at night shot , I was just overwhelmed with the response and really, really appreciated them all very much.

I'm posting tomorrow's shot a little early as I'll be on the road - driving this time, so won't have much time to post. I'm hoping to comment tomorrow evening though.

Have a great week!!!


Follow up: Papamugger says that this is a Checkered Setwing that is found mostly in Texas and Oklahoma (is that a red OU helmet on his head?). Thanks for the information from the Dragonfly King!


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