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The Cocky Cockatoo

October 13, 2015

Thank you for your comments on my Alaska Waterfall photo yesterday, they were all very much appreciated.

Based on the Title of this photo, let me say "That at least I "think" it's a Cockatoo", but I'm not sure. There weren't any signs to help identify this pretty bird. So, I'm sort of guessing.

However, from my Internet research the body and head looks like a Cockatoo, but the beak of this bird and the photos on the Internest don't match. So I'm not sure exactly what he/she is, but likely related to the Cockatoo.

What I thought was so fun about him/her is that as people gathered around to admire him/her, he would start swaying gently on the limb as if moving to music that was playing in his head.

This photo is best viewed in larger sizes.

Thank you for your comments and critiques!

Have a great day!


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