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May 3, 2011

A little break from the car photos today. This is a shot of some Hackberry Emperor Butterflies on some shrubs outside our house. We are just covered with these little butterflies and they love the blooms on this shrub. Papa, help me out with the name of this shrub.

These lovely little butterflies are not the only bugs in our yard, we have "June Bugs" everywhere (not sure that's their real name) but they are like little brown, kamokazi bugs that throw themselves violently into the doors & windows of the house. The June Bugs dive into the doors & windows every night for the last 2 nights. They are everywhere & nasty little buggers.

I'd like more of these pretty little butterflies please - no more nasty June bugs.

Best viewed in X2.

PP is Topaz spicify filter - it's fast becoming one of my favorites.

Hope you enjoy these pretty little butterflies!

Best Regards,

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