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January 12, 2012

"Tiptoe dancing on the water"

The Jungle Gardens at Avery Island were established to try to save the White Egrets. E.A. McIlhenny, or "Mr. Ned" as he was affectionately known, founded a bird colony in the 1890s — later called Bird City — after plume hunters slaughtered egrets by the thousands for feathers to make fashionable ladies' hats. Mr. Ned gathered up eight young egrets, raised them in captivity on the Island, and released them in the fall to migrate across the Gulf of Mexico. The following spring the birds returned to the Island with others of their species - a migration that continues to this day, as thousands of snowy white egrets and other water birds return to Bird City each spring. This vast, protected rookery owes its existence to Mr. Ned.

Since it was so cold while we were there, there were very few birds to be seen - I would love to go back when they are all in residence.

This isn't the greatest shot, but I liked the way it looked as if the Egret was tip-toeing across the water. I couldn't get very close, and my long lens just wasn't long enough to get great shots, but I was fairly pleased with this one. It just whetted my appetite & makes me want to go back there in the warm weather.

Have a super day my friends!!


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