Fliers - Lgood

March 11, 2011

More signs of Spring!!! The honey bees are working hard right now. I walked by one of our Bradford Pears and the whole tree was buzzing - litterly buzzing with the noise of these busy little guys at their work. I ran into the house and grabbed the camera, put the macro lens on and snapped a LOT of bee photos. This is my favorite, I hope you enjoy it too. I particularly liked all the details: the iridescent sheen of the wings, the tiny hairs on the body of the bee and the finer points of the flowers are my favorite features of this photo.

Best viewed in larger sizes.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the car shot today. I am so sorry I'm traveling & having long days and late nights so I'm not commenting much. But I'll catch up soon.

Have a BEE-U-T-FUL day!


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