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Road Warrior

This is a really "gritty" photo of a Southwest airline's plane wing. It was taken out of the plane's window on one of my many, many flights this year. I've been logging thousands of miles on the road - err, rather in the air. I've traveled so many air miles this year, that I made Platinum on one airline - not a thrill, I'd rather be home taking photos. Best viewed in X2. This photo is not that great, but it is a representative capture of what we road warriers see all the time - either going away or coming home. But it is always best seen when you are on the way home.

Traveling so much makes you kind of bored with the scenery that you see on those trips. I try to keep a 'fresh eye' but sometimes the long days just blur my photographic creativity.

This is a tribute to all the road warriers out there who fly and drive many miles every year to make a living.

When I took this photo, I was leaving home and I was feeling lonely, wanting nothing more than to stay home. I'd much rather have been home with my husband Bill. But alas, I was flying away - headed to Colorado for another of those long, long business trips.

As I looked out of the window of the airplane, I was reminded of Merle Haggard's song titled "Silver Wings." The song goes like this..........

"Silver wings,
Shining in the sunlight,
Roaring engines - headed somewhere in flight
Their taking me away, and leaving me lonely.
Silver wings, slowly fading out of sight.

Don't leave me I cry,
Don't take that airplane ride."

And there's more to this great old song........the lyrics just kept running through my mind.

Have a great evening!!


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