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October 25, 2010

OK - this is a "What is this a photo of?"

Is it an abstract metal sculpture? A model for the lastest transformers toy? A crazy stack of wheels and valves that do nothing? Give up? I bet there are some of you that know what this is.

I thought is was kind of neat and unusual object so my camera had to capture it on our Route 66 trip.

It is a "Christmas Tree" manufactured in Oklahoma City by Downing Wellhead Equipment, Inc and is typical of those found on high-pressure natural gas wells in Oklahoma. The base of the tree is mourned on the casinghead (the top of the casing pipe that protrudes above the surface of a gas well) during the drilling process. Upon completion of the well, the valve assembly is added to the base. These valves control the flow of oil & gas & may shut in the well if necessary.

At 26 feet, this Christmas Tree was the tallest in Oklahoma at the time of its installation on the grounds of the Oil History Center (near the state capitol building) in 2004. "Christmas Trees" are manufactured to meet the requirements of particular producers and wells. As a result, according to Gene Downing, "they are like snowflakes, no two are alike."

Obviously this is a shot from our Route 66 trip. It's a little weird, but I liked the look of this thing - it looks like a sculpture from outer space to me. Loved the colors against the blue, blue, blue of the Oklahoma sky that day.

Thanks to everyone for you nice comments on my Route 66 filing station.

Have a great day my fellow Smugmuggers.


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