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L Good Photography¬© has been established via a passionate pursuit of the photographic arts. The owner, Linda Good has been taking photos since a very young girl, and sincerely studying the craft, honing her skills and building an extensive portfolio for more than 20 years. L Good Photography has been published in car magazines, private and business publications and used to build professional photography books from many shoots for clients. Experienced in the genres of Fine Art, Portrait, Family, Engagement, Senior Shots, Landscape and Travel with a primary focus on professional automotive portfolio packages for individuals and car clubs. Please use the 'Contact me' page for information on commissions, or for assistance in making purchases from this site. Or, you may contact us via email at Lgood0206@gmail.com  We also welcome your comments and questions, thoughts and ideas. A great deal of the work posted here is available for purchase by simply following the 'Buy' (add to cart) links accompanying each single image display. Thank you for browsing and for your interest in my work. At your service! ~ Linda